What I Do

Denise Renee - Writing! (left) (2015)I’m often asked the question, “So what exactly do you do?”

Simply put,

I am a writer!

Yes, I write poetry, fiction, and music… but I am also a writer and social media branding consultant for hire so I can eat!  :>)

I help career professionals and entrepreneurs boost their brand online so they can attract more of the opportunities they want so they can enjoy the career or business of their dreams.

I do this with the power of persuasive words by writing resumes, marketing and social media content, and ghostwriting business books and entrepreneur memoirs.

For career professionals, I craft resumes that win job interviews, customized cover letter templates and Linkedin profiles that sparkle. I also create customized strategies for increasing their personal brand on social media, launching and marketing a personal career blog, and offer ghostwriting services for managers and executives who don’t have time to write their blog or book.

For solo entrepreneurs and small business owners, I specialize in creating social media marketing branding plans, plus writing marketing copy for every portion of your sales funnel – from social media post, through website landing pages, to email nurture series.

Learn more about at TheDerencoAgency.com.

No matter what I write – whether for clients or for my own brand – my personal mission is to motivate and inspire people to grow and achieve their personal best in their career and life.

So my words take a variety of forms, such as my motivational blog posts on this website, inspirational posts on Instagram, inspirational music, and authoring my own business and fiction books.

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