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Fitness Friday – January 6, 2017

Hey guys! This is my first #FitnessFriday in quite some time so welcome!  I’ll tell you now that come hell or high water, I’m looking forward to doing 51 more just like it this year! I’m likely going to do them as videos since the rest of this blog is usually text, just to keep […]

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Lay the Foundation

Foundation laying is the longest and most boring part of any construction project. But, of course, it is the most important part. Yeah, I know it’s #FitnessFriday, but indulge me for a moment, I’ll get there… Growing up in New York City, I would constantly see large holes in the ground for many months on […]

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A Little Bit More Than the Day Before

Every time I’ve allowed a long period of being sedentary to take root, restarting my exercise habit gets harder and harder. It’s not just the physical aspect of working out muscles that haven’t been worked in quite some time. It’s the mental part that I find the toughest to power though. My problem is that […]

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