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Prioritizing Your Dreams

One thing I have come to realize in life is that it is rare to achieve anything of significance on your own. Whenever you see a successful individual (a musician, a sports star, a famous CEO, etc.) there’s always a team of people behind them that contributed to that success. This is why companies need people. […]

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How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

I was speaking to a friend on the phone last night.  We were catching up and talking about seasons in life and goals we want to reach.  At one point, she paused and she asked me a very pointed question: “How do you stay encouraged and keep your eyes on the prize every day?” I […]

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Be Your Own Miracle

People who know me personally are aware that I am all about having faith in God. I certainly believe in meditation, prayer, and the power of miracles. But I think too often, our tendency as humans is to seek out miracles and use them as a crutch in our everyday situations instead of praying for […]

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Hearing The Voice of God & Having Faith In Myself

I’m finally back with another #MotivationalMonday! My motivational thoughts are usually based on situations I’m currently experiencing and how I motivate myself through them. I choose to share pieces of my process because I figure you might be able to relate to something I say and it could encourage you on your life journey. So […]

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