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It wasn’t until the fall of 2013 that I FINALLY had my “light bulb” moment… I had actually figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up!  Funny thing, though… I already was who I wanted to be!

For as long as I can remember, I have been writing.  First it was short stories in grade school.  Then poetry in high school. I picked up writing music and lyrics in college.  Later, I parlayed those skills into creating catchy jingles and sticky radio spots in the early 2000s and over the next 10 years. Soon after, I started writing customeDenise Reneer communications, plus client attracting marketing collateral and website content for businesses.

Writing is the thread that has woven its’ way through what seemed to be the disparate pieces of my professional experiences – which range from entrepreneurial and freelance ventures to corporate positions, entertainment, and even non-profit work.

I had always been attracted to advertisements and commercials as a child. To this day, I secretly wish I had gotten an MBA in Marketing instead of my Masters in Teaching.  But what I didn’t learn in the classroom, I learned “on the job.”

In 2012, I discovered that there was a term for the convergence of marketing, advertising and writing: it’s called copywriting.  From that moment on, I pursued every free and paid training course I could consume in order to sharpen my persuasive writing skills.  It was during the application process for a well-respected training course in 2013 that I realized why learning copywriting resonated with me and I finally saw the whole picture of my past and future professional life, and it all made sense (at least to me!).

All the puzzle pieces fell into place and I finally had a unified trajectory for the rest of my career… I was going to put my love of marketing and advertising together with love of writing and be a copywriter.  I was going to be A PROFESSIONAL WRITER!!

(Humm, seems rather anti-climactic now, but I promise, it was WAY more exciting the moment the thought hit me!!)


Today, I am a professional copywriter, ghostwriter and Social Media branding strategist based in Atlanta, Georgia (and I remind people every single day that I’m a ‘die-hard’ New York City native!).  Through the power of persuasive words, I help career professionals and entrepreneurs boost their brand online and attract more of the opportunities they want so they can enjoy the career or business of their dreams.  Dive a little deeper into that on my What I Do page.

So that’s all about my professional life;  here are some other cool projects I keep myself busy with…

While in college, I stumbled upon my talent for creating and marketing concerts and educational events. Later, I discovered professional networking in 2007, a year before leaving New York City. On my very first night in Atlanta in November 2008, I attended a networking event because I figured it was the best way to start meeting people in my new city… and I haven’t stopped networking since!

In 2015, I poured my seven years of being a master networker – plus my love of conceiving and promoting events – into hosting business networking and learning events for women entrepreneurs.  In June 2016, I ended a women’s networking event series I was hosting in my home and have been on a hiatus from coordinating events ever since.  I’ve been redesigning what I want to offer and who I can best serve.  But stay tuned… who knows what 2017 and beyond will hold!

Want to know something really personal about me?  Turn on some music, and you’ll turn on my purest joy in life.  A singer, keyboardist, songwriter, and music producer, I am living my life to the fullest when I’m creating, recording or performing my proprietary blend of inspirational lyrics over jazzy, funky or danceable tracks; my sophomore CD (15 years in the making) is on the way!  Meanwhile, you can find me using my musical talents at my local church each Sunday morning.

I’m also pretty big on personal development.  I’m constantly pushing myself to be better and achieve more.  I share some of my thoughts on my personal blog.

When I’m not hard at work at something (which is most of the time), I enjoy hanging out with my pre-school aged son (but not his germs!) and exploring Georgia like a tourist.  But I’m just as content enjoying a mommy-day-off, lounging on my couch and binge-watching old episodes of La Femme Nikita.  Or my favorite, annual Christmas tradition: watching the entire Lord of The Rings Trilogy – extended version, of course!

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