Prioritizing Your Dreams

One thing I have come to realize in life is that it is rare to achieve anything of significance on your own. Whenever you see a successful individual (a musician, a sports star, a famous CEO, etc.) there’s always a team of people behind them that contributed to that success.

This is why companies need people. Non-profit groups need people. There’s usually a visionary who had a dream and laid out a plan.  Then, people were attracted to that vision and gathered around to pitch in and help make it a reality.

As I look over my life, I see how much time and effort I have invested into building other people’s causes, dreams, and even their own personal lives. And then I look at my own dreams and wonder where are the people behind me, helping me?  In the past, I’ve had people say that would help me with my biggest passion in life – my music – but in the end, I never received what they promised.

For a time, I allowed those and other disappointing experiences surrounding my music crush my spirit and I put my dream away for a while.  But you can’t keep a true passion bottled up.  So now I’m at a point where I desperately want to pursue it again.  But I find myself by myself at square one.

When I look at other success stories, they have the same starting point.  The individual who has the dream and passion starts taking steps towards accomplishing their vision by themselves.  They get single-minded.  They get focused.  They start saying “no” to everything that doesn’t service their dream.  They make themselves and their dream a priority.

Sometimes, people in their circle call them selfish.  Some try to discourage and pressure them to quit.  But an amazing thing always happens for those who don’t get dissuaded: they always reach a critical point where others who have the ability to help them, start to see their vision, passion, and drive and get attracted to them.  

The visionary goes from being one person alone believing in themselves, to having a convert who has the power to change their life also believing in them.  And it begets more powerful converts until a whole team and movement forms around this individual that helps the world experience a great talent, product, or service that touches people on a big level.

In the mental movie of my life, I can see that ending for my music.  I can see songs that I write touching so many people, encouraging them, giving them hope.  But I have been struggling with step one. I’ve hesitated on getting truly focused because it would require me to start saying no to a number of things and people I’m currently saying yes to.

I have been struggling with feeling like I’m not allowed to prioritize my hopes and dreams because the process will require me to make some major changes. It will shift some of my commitments and relationships.  I’ll be disappointing some people. 

I’m not going to lie, I’m scared of being labeled as selfish by people I’ve invested in and care deeply about.

But I’ve also been thinking about the people I haven’t gotten a chance to serve and help yet because I haven’t given my vision a chance to prosper.  I’ve also chastised myself for being mad because I don’t have anyone to help me… but the reality is, I’m not doing anything yet!  If I don’t get on (and stay) on my path, there’s no way the right people who are meant to be a part of my team will be attracted to my vision because I haven’t prioritized my vision yet. How can I expect them to make it a priority if I haven’t yet?

So I have finally come to a place of acceptance of the radical changes my life will undergo in order to prioritize my dream.  Some people may not like it at first, but I have to trust that in the end, it will all work out as it should.  These changes will require that I prioritize myself and not feel like I’m being selfish.  Because in reality, tapping fully into my God-given vision for my life will enable me to unselfishly share what I was put on this earth to do.

What do you think prioritizing your dreams? Do you think it is selfish or selfless?  How do you handle when people call you selfish for pursuing your dreams? Share with me in the comment section below.

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