Hearing The Voice of God & Having Faith In Myself

I’m finally back with another #MotivationalMonday!

My motivational thoughts are usually based on situations I’m currently experiencing and how I motivate myself through them. I choose to share pieces of my process because I figure you might be able to relate to something I say and it could encourage you on your life journey.

So I haven’t written one in a few weeks because, to be honest, I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. I’m way too vulnerable when I write these and I simply wasn’t ready to share anything because I was having a hard time motivating myself.  I would have felt hypocritical and inauthentic trying to put out a motivating message for you.  And I’ve learned from experience that those of you who read my writing, REALLY READ (even though you don’t always leave me comments!! But that’s ok, I still love you for reading).  You would have been able to tell the difference.

I can’t say that I’m 100% out of the funk yet, but I can say I am coming out.  Lent has been good for me so far in gaining some peace of mind and clarity.  I’ve been hearing God speak to me very clearly.  I knew I wanted to share some of my self-discovery, but then I got nervous and stopped cold in my tracks.

What if someone looks at me sideways because I said, “God spoke to me?”

Although I am a person of faith, and it may be clear from some of the things I write, I usually only talk about matters of spirituality from a motivational standpoint.  I don’t typically dig into theology or belief systems.  But I thought I would take a slight departure today because you might be curious about that statement.

So let’s dig into that a little bit, shall we?  Then I’ll get on to sharing what I’ve been hearing.

(No worries, I’m not going to proselytize you!  And you don’t have to be super religious, ultra spiritual, or an uber-Christian in order to have this conversation with me.  So hang in there a moment…)

Most of us who do have a sense of spirituality and believe that a Higher, Divine power guides us are always considering the path our lives are taking; we always want to know if we’re on the right one and we seek out Divine Wisdom for guidance.

Charismatic Christians, in particular, tend to be obsessed with “hearing from God.” I know I am!

But the challenge is how can you hear a Spirit that isn’t in a corporeal form?  

Growing up in Church, I remember being enamored with stories of people like Moses, Elisha, and Samuel who audibly heard God’s voice in the Old Testament (or the Tanakh, for my Jewish friends). I always wondered if God still did that today because I didn’t have that experience.  The way the adults around me always talked about “hearing from God,” I felt as though I wasn’t a real Christian and I probably wasn’t going to Heaven because I never heard God’s voice.

Thankfully, I grew up and matured in my understanding of what it means to have a relationship with God. I’ve learned that God can speak in a multiplicity of ways… we just need to be sensitive enough to His spirit in order to hear Him.  

Now those who do not use a structured spiritual framework to define their lives might say that they receive “signs” or simply feel guided to go in a particular direction. THAT is exactly what I’m talking about.  From my framework, I call that God speaking to us.

I experience hearing God’s voice as a moment of absolute clarity, knowledge or understanding that didn’t originate in my thoughts.  To me, it feels very “other-world-ish” and carries the weight of a Supreme Intelligence and Wisdom that is beyond me.

Sometimes God’s voice is a realization I get as I am reflecting or meditating on scriptures or a situation.  I could be listening to a song or looking at something in nature, then something touches a piece of my soul at the right moment that it needs to. I might be in a spiritual atmosphere and receive a message through someone speaking directly to me.  Many times, though, I see a pattern in my everyday situations and I recognize God trying to get my attention.

So let me ask you this… have you ever had an experience where every single conversation you have with different people ends up being about the same thing?

Well, that’s been happening to me… for about 6 weeks straight now!  That means that either I’m spiritually deaf or God is trying to drive a point home to me… I’m going to go with a little bit of both!

Though the conversations were had with different words, they’ve all been around the same thing. The message that keeps coming through loud and clear for me is that I need to exercise faith.

I know we often talk in terms of “having faith,” but if you think about it, you can’t really prove that you “have” faith if you don’t take actions that demonstrates or exercises that faith.

And where I need to exercise faith is in myself.  Sometimes, I find it easier to have faith in God and have faith in other people but trusting myself is an entirely different matter.  The irony is that many other people put their faith in me all the time: my son, my family, my workmates, my freelance clients.  I work hard to earn and maintain that trust they place in me and I’m extremely hard on myself if I ever break it.  But working hard to earn my own trust has been a challenge to my pride and ego.  

However, it’s time for me to let those issues go and trust myself with the various goals and projects, plans that I want to accomplish before 2017 concludes. I need to boldy move forward, trusting that I will be able to execute everything well with excellence and consistency.

How I actually do that will likely be the topic of some other #MotivationalMonday! (LOL!)

So for those of you brave enough to engage me in the comments section below, tell me: do you ever hear God speak to you?  If so, how?  And do you ever find it challenging to have faith in yourself?  How do you overcome that? (Seriously, I really need to know!)  

Share your thoughts in the comments… and for those of you who have my number or we connect in other ways IRL, I know you’ll give me your opinions then 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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