don't make excuses make it happen

Don’t Make Excuses, Make It Happen!

I have a very sad confession to make…

I recently realized that make a TON of excuses to THE most important person in my life:


You know when you have that kind of “out of body” type experience and you hear the thoughts swimming in your head from an objective, 3rd party standpoint?

Well, what I had one a few days ago and what I heard was deeply disturbing.

An idea had popped into my head of something I wanted to do, and IMMEDIATELY I shot it down with three or four reasons why I couldn’t do it.

I stunned myself.

How could those negative thoughts swim around in my head when I’m “Miss Motivation” and the “Have-Faith-In-God-and-Yourself” girl??

But there they were.

Catching myself made me realize that I had actually been doing it for quite some time over the last few months.

It shone a light on why certain areas I haven’t been seeing progress. I had to admit that I had been stagnating myself, nailing my cleats to the starting block so I couldn’t even get out and get going.

I had to continue asking myself the tough question: If I had been stunting my own progress in some areas of my life, had this been manifesting in other areas of my life but I don’t even realize it? Was I affecting other people with my stinking thinking?

Was I hindering my relationship with my son or slowing his continued development?

Is it showing up in my work?

Could I even be affecting my freelance clients?

I can’t lie; as a recognizable pattern emerged, I wallowed in a little bit of  disappointment and depression for a little bit.

Don't Make ExcusesDon't Make Excuses (2)Don't Make Excuses (2)

Don't Make Excuses

In part because “Don’t Make Excuses, Make It Happen,” is something I say to myself often.  To the point where I actually wrote about it earlier this year!

It never ceases to amaze me the depths to which we experience and learn lessons in our lives.  Sometimes I feel as though I’ve “dealt” with an issue and have overcome a particular challenge.  But then it resurface months or years later at a different level of intensity or it’s the same issue in a different context.

This is one of those issues!

It really makes me take the Bible verse which talks about renewing your mind daily more to heart. (Romans 12:1,2)

Funny enough, I recently gave a talk at my church recently where I encouraged the congregants that it takes the same amount of energy to talk ourselves into something as it does talking ourselves out of it!

So it’s important I keep taking my own advice.  I can only keep listening deeply to my inner thoughts, catch the negative ones and turn them around as often as I can.

To combat the excuses that creep into my head around why I don’t “have time” for certain activities, I need to find as many and more reasons why I do have the time.

To neutralize the excuses that say “I can,’t,” I need to tell myself triple the amount of reasons why I can.

And before I let “It will never happen for me,” sink in, I need to lift myself up with all the reasons why it WILL.

Self improvement and personal development isn’t for the faint of heart, or the weak in mind!

Do you find yourself making a lot of excuses to yourself?  What are your success tricks?  Share with me in the comments below.

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