More Me Time = Better Ideas


More Me Time = Better Ideas


I haven’t had a day like today in a very long time…

I didn’t do anything for my job.

I didn’t do anything for my business.

I didn’t do anything with my church.

I didn’t even have my son with me!

It was a total “ME” day and I didn’t realize how thirsty I was for it. I wasn’t stressed or on an agenda, even though there were things I wanted to do; it wasn’t a travesty that it didn’t get done. Every activity I had planned for the day was simply for my enjoyment: because I wanted to do it, not because I had to.

It’s another thing I’ve recently added to my list of things I’m changing… I clearly need to put more days like this on my schedule at least twice a month… once a week if I can.  Because a little more “ME” time gives me a lot of clarity and perspective.  I look at things differently and make better decisions.

I’m at a point in my life right now where I feel like everything is subject to change if doesn’t really fuel my spirit or serve my greater purpose.

Take this blog, for instance.

After I had made a very big deal about being consistent in blogging during the month of February, I proceeded to take the next two months off from writing. Strange right?

Well, first, it started off as me being literally too sick to do much of anything during the first week of March. Then it morphed into not feeling very motivated to start again and regain my momentum. Initially I thought it was because I was still kind of tired from battling my upper respiratory infection. But as my lethargy for writing my blog yawned into three weeks, I had to admit something deeper must be going on. I’ve learned to pay attention anytime I stop having a desire to do something I was gung-ho about. In those times, it’s best when I take a step back and examine why.

So I got honest with what my sub-conscience was trying to tell me. I realized that the direction I was going in, simply writing motivational posts daily, wasn’t an accurate or full representation of myself, my interests, how I serve people with my variety of talents or my brand that I’m in the process of developing.

It took me almost two months, but I’ve finally determined how my blog can better represent the Denise Renee brand. I’ve decided to write based on a daily theme. It will help me share in the main areas that I’m passionate about, that I love to help people with and the areas I’m continuing to grow in.

So now, moving forward when you stop by my blog, you’ll find the thoughts I share organized in themes.  Although there is a theme for every day of the week (except Sundays) I may not necessarily post every single day.  But when I do, here’s how it will go down:


Motivational Monday

These are the posts and images that many have come to know and love me for on social media platforms. These are phrases I say to myself and the thoughts I have about them that help me to keep going. Most are original. Some, though, are borrowed and have been “Denise Renee-a-fied!” Either way, my hope is that you’re inspired by them.

Tips Tuesday

I am a copywriter who specializes in helping solo-entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals create their online sales and marketing messages to help them win more clients and increase their revenue.  Get to your goals faster with the powerful tips I’ll be sharing.

Work-It Wednesday

This is something I coined during my ill-fated Periscope run this past February. But I loved the idea so much, just had to replant it in different soil and give it an opportunity to grow. This day is when I share all my tips geared specifically for employee-preneurs and career-minded corporate professionals.

Thoughtful Thursday

A more appropriate name for this would be, “Deep Thoughts, by Denise Renee.” (Said, of course, in my best James Earl Jones impression!) But the “deep” part messed up my cool alliteration I had going on with all the other days! Essentially, it’s almost going to be like “pot-pie” Thursdays… you know, the kind you make out of whatever left-over food you had from previous meals? Well, whatever deep thoughts I’ve had in the past week that I feel comfortable enough sharing on social media, that’s what I’ll be serving. It will very likely be motivational overall and may specifically tie back into how you can advance your business, career or improve an area of your personal life.

Fitness Friday

I started Fitness Friday a few months ago and it tends to be my most popular posts on social and on this blog. Busy and highly motivated people like myself have a tendency to let our health and fitness take a back seat to all our other goals. I guess that’s why my 100lbs weight loss journey resonates with so many people. On Fridays, I just share whatever lessons I’m learning along the way in this area of my life. As I help myself, I hope I can also help someone else who knows first hand how real the struggle is!

Mom's Day Out (4-24-16) Douglasville, GA

Mom’s Day Out (4-24-16)


And that brings me to today…

Social Saturday

As I fight like crazy to have at least one “ME” day a week, I’ve vowed not to spend it glued to my couch and catching up on my shows on Hulu. I’ve been in the metro Atlanta area for 8 years now but there is still much of it I’d like to explore so I’ll take you on my adventures around the city, state and beyond.


The Product of the Day - Cherry Boom Shakalaka Sauce!

The Product of the Day – Cherry Boom Shakalaka Sauce!



For example, today, one of the things I did today was to support my friend who coordinated Mom’s Day Out in downtown Douglasville. First off, it was my first time there so: a new place to explore? Check! The weather was absolutely perfect and the plaza was filled with women entrepreneurs showing off their businesses. Some of the businesses I saw included: Tastefully Simple, Sara’s Makeup Addiction, Saving Grace Signs, Ever Skin Care, Jamberry Nails (I bought some nail designs from Cyndi) and a homemade cherry sauce called “Boom Shakalaka!” Seriously! I have the picture to prove it.





And after hearing about her for so long, I also finally met local personality and social media juggernaut Yalanda Lattimore in person.


Rhonda R. Hudgins-Bundy (L) Denise Renee (C) Yalanda Lattimore (R)

Rhonda R. Hudgins-Bundy, Denise Renee, Yalanda Lattimore



So let me bring these thoughts on home, distilled into two sentences:

#1 – After several months off, I’ve revamped my blog and will get back to regular – but not necessrily daily – posting.

#2 – What happened to Sundays on my blog? Well, on the 7th day, God rested, so should I 🙂

#3 – More “Me” time?

Super important!!

Go get you some! (Said in my best, Papa Pope/ “Go get you some power! Real power! 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue power!” speech voice! Non-Scandal fans, CLICK HERE!)

Ultimately, my hope – as I’ve changed how and what I’m sharing on this blog – is that as I working on fulfilling my purpose to help people transform themselves for the better, something I share will in some small or great way will be a catalyst for positive change for your life.

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