Waiting Should Be Pregnant With Expectancy

Waiting shoud be pregnant with Expectancy!Waiting gets a bad rap.  It’s often used as an excuse for people to do nothing… after all, they are “waiting” for some event outside their control to happen before they move forward.  

I think we have the wrong concept of waiting.

Think about this: have you ever wondered why servers at a restaurant are called waiters? Doesn’t it seem like an oxymoron because they certainly are not just sitting around, twiddling their thumbs.  When they’ve disappeared to enter your order, they have other guests to serve and other tasks to perform.

Waiters are busy serving the needs of their guests; outstanding waiters are anticipatory of their guests needs.  As customer service ambassadors, their job is to help ensure you’ve had a pleasant dining experience.  And at the end of your meal, they are anticipating a generous tip for providing great service.

Whenever we have to wait for something in life, we should be as expectant as servers who work in a restaurant.  We should be pregnant with an anticipation.  And when we are anticipating something, we don’t just sit around.  We get up and do everything we can to be prepared to receive what we are expecting.  We know we are going to receive it so we act accordingly.

If you were expecting a baby, you wouldn’t wait until the child was born to start getting baby supplies or preparing a room in your house, would you?  No.  You would start preparing months in advance.  If you were expecting company for dinner, you wouldn’t wait till they arrived in order to start cooking, right?  You get prepared in advance.

So if you are waiting for situations to change in your business, career, finances, personal life, etc.  be sure to wait with expectancy.  No matter what the circumstances look like, don’t assume that they won’t change.  Keep your faith up.  Act as though you are about to receive what you’re hoping for.  That’s the very nature of faith; it allows you take action before what you’re hoping for manifests.

What’s your perspective on waiting? Share with me in the comments below.

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