Think Like an Athlete

Think Like an Athlete(1)Ours is a culture where we idolize people. There so many different types of people that we look up to in awe: entertainers, business people, and athletes, to name a few.  We love to be amazed by anyone who does what seems to be the impossible and stands head and shoulders above the rest of their peers in their field.

I think, however, athletes get a special spot on our mental mantles. Although we revere the other types of people who have skill and talent, there’s also a little element of luck or timing or opportunity that seemed to choose them for the spotlight.

But with athletes, there is a slight difference.

Top athletes are revered for mastery of their skills.  They gain that mastery by the force of their will and their willingness to think differently than others around them.

Athletes feel pain just like the rest of us but they push past it for a purpose. Athletes make sacrifices today in order to gain glory tomorrow. Victory and their ultimate vision is always in front of them and they do whatever it takes to achieve it. And bonus: in the process, they are some of the best looking and healthiest people on the planet (minus those pumped up on steroids, of course!)

I think what we love most about athletes is not so much their beautiful physiques, but the mental discipline and focus they display in order to achieve that body and mastery of their skill set. There is a saying that goes ‘the body will do whatever the mind tells it.’ Athletes train themselves to do one more rep. Go one more lap. Swing one more time. They ignore the burn, fight through the fire, and press a little harder.  They breakthrough the mental wall first, then the physical barriers tumble down right after them.

I’m appreciating more and more each day that my 100lbs weight loss journey it is not so much a fight with my physical body. My body is only following the path that my mind set for it.  So my challenge is to change my thinking.

I have my own handful of athletes whose hard work, dedication and physiques I appreciate.  So they are my motivation to begin training like an athlete. No,I’m not looking to spend 7 hours a day in the gym. Instead my training program is going to be for my mind, reprogramming the various bad habits that have brought me to my current state of health.

I am confident with my mind trained just like my favorite athletes, I too will be able to push past excuses, limitations, and pain to experience the sweet savory taste of victory.  And my body will have no choice but the follow suit.

What do you think? Share with me in the comments below.

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