Making the Same Decision Daily

Discipline = Making the same decision dailyWelcome to #FitnessFriday!

I’m about to share with you something intensely private…

I was a virgin when I got married at the age of 34.

It’s the ultimate discipline I’ve ever displayed in my entire life.

Now I can not say that I was 100% “innocent” when I arrived at the altar.  But in my handful of “experiences” (let’s call them), there was something I always consciously held in reserve.  So when my wedding night finally happened, let’s just say the proof was in the pudding.

I have exhibited various levels of discipline throughout my life.  But whenever I have something big I want to accomplish and I know that I need to buckle down and discipline myself to achieve my goal, I always look to this example for my top three strategies on how to make it through.

First, I realized that in order for me to say “no” while I was in the midst of a few, steamy R-Rated moments (which were headed towards “X” territory fast), I would remind myself of the ultimate goal I wanted to achieve.  (My goal was to offer my husband, who ever he would be, something no one else had ever experienced with me.)

Second, in moments of solitude, when endangering my promise to myself wasn’t remotely possible, I would rehearse the benefits I was experiencing in spite of the pain of loneliness I sometimes felt.  (I knew my emotions were not in danger of being played with. I knew by remaining celebrate, I wouldn’t confuse sex with love.)

My final strategy I practiced daily, which I think was the key to my success.  Every day, I re-decided to remain celibate.  Everyday, I recommitted to my course of action.  Everyday, I rehearsed my “why” for staying on that course.

So what do all these personal details have to do with Fitness Friday?

I know that every time I apply these three principles to any goal I attempt to achieve, I CRUSH it!

This past week was not a stellar example of dicipline on my healthy lifestyle change journey.  As I allowed my work to get out of control, lack of preparation kicked in and I reverted to old habits.  I hate that I had a bout of not being disciplined so early on but at least I’m aware of what I need to guard against.

So today, I’ve decided to bring out the “big guns:” my ultimate discipline techniques.  The key to making a new healthy lifestyle stick is discipline.

So I’m finally ready to apply these principles to my weight loss journey.  I’ve toyed with loosing weight over the last few years, but never with the discipline bomb I’m dropping on it today!

That being said, I know I’m going to blow myself away when I look at myself this time next year!

How about you?  What are the steps you go through to remained disciplined about a goal you have?  Share with me in the comments.

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