I have been thinking about what I want to do with this website for well over a year!

Ok, 2 years.

See, "what had happened was," I stopped writing on my blog because I got overwhelmed on my job.  

Then, I got into a career quandry.  

Then, I decided to get serious about my business and I quit my day job.

Since June 2017, I've been dilligently working on growing my "side-hustle" freelance writing into my main gig that actually pays bills like a boss!

(It's been working out quite nicely, by the way! Thanks for asking :)

To that end, my focus has been on building out and promoting The Derenco Agency's website (and business growth) but to the neglect of this site, my personal blog.

Ultimately, I would like to be my hub on the World Wide Web for all the things I've got my hands into... my ghostwriting & content strategy business, the related community, my Making The Leap podcast on become a full-time entrepreneur, the business and fiction books that I write, my music (yeah, I'm a singer/songwriter/producer)... you get the idea.

Trouble is, I haven't built some of those other websites just yet and other things are still simmering on the back burner, waiting to be brought to the forefront (ahem, sophmore CD project, I'm looking at you!)

So I had been feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place for well over a year.  People were coming to and noticing it hadn't been updated.  Not to mention, some of the things I highlighted on this site I was no longer doing, like my women's networking group.  

Although I am not ready to build into the site of my dreams, I still need to keep it active becuse people do trickle in.  But just keeping it up the way it was made me feel like I had an "ugly baby" that I didn't want to show off any more.

So finally, I made a decision!

I decided to hide my "ugly baby" from the world!  You can't access the previous content that was on this site from this front page.

(And if you stumble onto a page I haven't deleted yet, please ignore it!)

 I'm using this plain-text with one solo picture page to buy me time to revamp my content and ultimately actualize my vision for this site 

But fear not!  

If you are on this page because you were hoping to connect with me, you CAN do so right now!  Yeah!

  Just tap on the most appropriate link below and let's connect!